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Quality Native American Style Flutes
KKflutes is the home of high-quality,
hand-made Native American Style flutes.

Each flute is backed with a 100% money back
satisfaction guarantee!
Buyers outside of the lower 48 states should contact me
prior to purchase for a shipping quote.
*All of my flutes are Concert Tuned to the popular Pentatonic
(mode 1/4)  tuning.
Want to build your own Native
American Style flute?

Go to www.cherrycows.com and order Keith
Stanford's flute making manual. In my opinion, it's
the easiest and best way to learn how to make
quality Native American Style flutes!
"The Lord is my
strength and my
shield; my heart
trusts in him, and
he helps me. My
heart leaps for joy,
and with my song I
praise him."  Psalm
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Order Keith Stanford's "Play The Flute in Six Weeks" video series.  
Save $10.00 by ordering the video through my web site.  The videos will
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