Group 1:
C Minor
B Minor

Group 2:
G Minor  
F# Minor

Group 3:
F Minor     
E Minor
How To Choose A Flute

loud and high, best for with other instruments,
particularly with drums (they won't get

low AND loud, the most popular flute - offers the
best of both worlds

very low, very soft, meditative (terrific miked)

Take a good look at the column on the right, and think for
a moment about how you will be using the flute.

If you anticipate playing with other instruments,
particularly with drums, then our Group 1 flutes are for

If you can see yourself doing solos, whether in the
woods by yourself, or amplified, Group 3 flutes have a
depth and power of tone that is truly remarkable.

The most popular choice are the Group 2 flutes, which
offer the best characteristics of the other two groups.