Kauri flute in F#m
Key:                                                 F#m
Wood Species:                                50,000 year-old Kauri Wood w/ Acrylic Paint Banding
Bore Diameter:                                7/8"
Length:                                            22 1/8"
Finger Hole Spacing:                       1"
Finish:                                              Polyurethane
Totem                                              Mesquite
Totem Tie:                                       1/4" Deer Leather
Item #                                              KKF-KF-sm1                     

This flute is made from ancient Kauri wood, the worlds oldest wood. Discovered in New
Zealand, it has been buried since the last ice age. Read all about it at
The flute comes with a certificate of authenticity of the purchased piece of ancient Kauri wood.

All my flutes are tuned with an electronic tuner to ensure quality.  All flutes have a 30-day
satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, contact me within 30 days from the
day you receive the flute and I will refund 100% of your money (minus return shipping).