Poplar flute in C#
Key:                                                 C#
Wood Species:                                Poplar (w/ Cedar Stripe and Mouth Piece)
Bore Diameter:                                1-1/8"
Length:                                            26"
Finger Hole Spacing:                       1"
Finish:                                             Tung Oil
Totem Wood Species:                     Cedar w/ Cedar Arrowhead
Totem Tie:                                       1/4" Deer Leather
Item #                                              KKF-PC-s1                          

I`m selling this flute at a discount because there is a small crack in the wood that runs
through the finger holes.  It is barely visible and I think it is just a surface defect because
it has had no effect at all on the sound of the flute.  Even though this flute if offered at
an unbelievable discount, I still offer the same great money back guarantee that all my
flutes carry.

All my flutes are tuned with an electronic tuner to ensure quality.  All flutes have a
30-day satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, contact me within 30
days from the day you receive the flute and I will refund 100% of your money (minus
return shipping).