KKflutes Workshop
Photo Album
Kenny King playing a KKflute
When I`m not making flutes, I like
to fish!
Harold Fromer has the second
busiest schedule of any pan
flutist in the world.  Visit Harold's
web site
This is an 8 foot tall cedar cross I
made from half logs for my church.
Justin Hopkins of Oklahoma with his first KK flute.
This is me with John Two Hawks at the Sacred Grounds flute
festival-which was held in the Ka Do Ha Indian village in
Murfreesboro, AR.  John Two Hawks is an amazing
performer with his flute but he is even more amazing as a
man with a big heart!  We all love you John, keep on the red
road my friend!
This is me with my friend Morgan Fawcett at the Sacred Grounds
Festival. Morgan has a God given gift as a flute player. Blessings on
your journey Morgan.   "Alright!"
This is me with Mike Jones and the pecan flute I gifted him
at the Sacred Grounds flute festival. Mike is an excellent
flute maker full of generosity. He has taught me so much!
Thanks for your gifts Mike.
This is my granddaughter,
Kayla, playing a KK flute.
This is Sacred Calling Band with Branches Breath
Band displaying their KKflutes!
This is Loretta Busick from the band Sacred Calling
playing her KK flute for her family. Check out this
awesome band on You Tube -
click here

To order a CD or contact them for scheduling,
email them at:
or call 812-327-8288
This is French music composer "Jayce Allisson Karl"
with his KK flute
This is me and my good friend, Joe Nulph.  I visited Joe at his home in
Pennsylvania, and he gifted me with one of his beautiful flutes.  Joe
is a great flute maker and a great person!  I hope to visit him again in
the future.  Thanks for everything Joe!
This is me with Joelene Lange, her mother and her daughter. Joelene
has been one of my long time customers from Waterloo, Iowa . She`s
an amazing woman who buys flutes and gives them to people who
can`t afford them. She was passing through Mississippi and
surprised me with a wonderful visit. It was so nice to meet her and
her family!  I hope they can visit again some day.
Kenny, everyone loved the sound of the D flute, a lot told me it was very relaxing, had about 200 there . I
loved playing it for them it plays easy.  I have played a the hospital twice with this flute & at 2 dinner
parties. Thank You,  Ken Noland  (Indianapolis, Indiana)
This is Mr. Jack Spurr from Illinois playing a flute I gifted him
when he and his wife Diane visited me. It was such a
blessing to meet them and we had a wonderful day together!
Jack & Diane Spurr in front of KK Flutes work shop
This is me with Rae Denton from Texas. Rae won the flute players
competition at Musical Echoes 2012 in Fort Walton, Florida where this
picture was taken. She gifted me with one of her  wonderful CD`s. Thanks
Rae!  Check out her site
Hello! I received the flute! And one word:
GORGEOUS!! The sound is perfect, the
appearance elegant and thank you, you did a
wonderful job! Thank you! I shook with
pleasure and I will share your site with my
friends! Thank you!!!  ~Amelie Lepillet, France
David Coop and Dennis Coop (and their wives) visited me from
Sherwood, Arkansas.  I took them on a tour of my flute shop
so they could see how I make my flutes.  We had a wonderful
visit and played some music together.  I hope they can visit
again soon!  (Front left is Dennis, front right is David)
On a trip to Arizona to meet Keith Stanford, I also met up with flute makers Larry
Gralnik from California, and John Shorter from Nevada. Pictured left to right, Keith
Stanford, Myself, Larry Gralnik and John Shorter.
This is Marian Laubscher With her new zebrawood KK flute.
Marian is from Windhoek, Namibia ( Africa ). She came to my
house with Mr. Drew Lenard. It was so nice to meet you, Marian.
I hope you enjoy the flute!
Kathryn B Isbularo. loves the purple heart flute I gifted her when
she came to visit me from Ooltewah, Tennessee.  We had a
great day together!
David Coop from Salem, Oregon enjoying his
KK walking staff flute.
Sharon Surhoff playing her new walking stick flute in the Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona